Startup stories: kick-ass content from the Start it @KBC community

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Friday 4 January 2019

Startup stories: kick-ass content from the Start it @KBC community

Our startups sure don’t seem to have a lack of energy during these cold winter months. On the contrary, they’re out there publishing all kinds of interesting, fun and useful blog posts. The great reads that we’ve selected this month feature WinWinner’s own fundraising story, parking tips in Leuven by C-Park, Hoplr’s mission explained by their 3 main products, must-have apps for busy parents by Maison Slash and tips to boost your productivity by DJAR. Enjoy!

WinWinner’s own fundraising adventure

The fundraising experts of WinWinner, who help startups and investors to find each other, know what they are talking about. They have been through quite an adventure of their own, to collect the capital their company needed to survive. The WinWinner team decided to write their full story down in an elaborate blog post, which shines a light on the ups and downs of raising capital. Read the full post here.

C-Park leads you to a parking spot in Leuven

Finding an affordable parking spot in a busy city centre can be quite the challenge! Luckily, C-Park is prepared to help you find the perfect parking spot. They studied the parking situation of Leuven and came up with loads of tips to make your visit to the city of Stella Artois completely parking-stress-free. C-Park includes public transport options, park & ride possibilities and week versus weekend tariffs, to give you the best parking guidelines. Read the blog post here.

Hoplr: more than just a social network

The community network app Hoplr is much more than just a social network for neighbourhoods. Hoplr provides a community platform and a service dashboard that brings communities together and makes them stronger. The team behind the popular platform published a blog post in which they point out the different elements that make Hoplr much more than just a network app. Read the full blog post here.

The must-have apps for busy parents

Maison Slash, the parent friendly magazine, knows the struggles of being a busy parent. Raising young children and keeping your social life on track isn’t easy, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t go hand in hand. These must-have apps for parents that Maison Slash selected, are the first step in combining family time with an active lifestyle. Read the full article here.

10 tips to boost your productivity

Bringing colleagues together for a healthy, tasty lunch, that’s what DJAR is all about! The team behind DJAR believes that enjoying a healthy lunch together is an essential part of a happy office. What else contributes to wellbeing on the job? DJAR gives us all some great tips in a blog post on maximising your productivity. Read the full post here.