Startup stories: blogs, vlogs and podcasts from the Start it @KBC community

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Tuesday 20 November 2018

Startup stories: blogs, vlogs and podcasts from the Start it @KBC community

This was another month packed with startup activities! Our monthly selection of online content that you simply can’t afford to miss, features Sympl’s ultimate sales prospect checklist, a throwback to Data Talks by, tips by Elixir Solutions on displaying customer data, a blog post by Sales Flare on diversity in tech, some handy guidelines to gather public funding by the experts of WinWinner and how to find the best suppliers for 3D prototyping by Comate.

Tips for kick-ass prospecting

Anyone with a background in sales acknowledges the importance of prospecting and lead generation. Your potential clients are just as essential as your current ones, even though they’re not bringing in any money (yet). That’s why Sympl made an infographic checklist for effective prospecting, in 13 easy steps. Read the full blog post here.

Let’s talk about Data Talks

Dashboard designers share a few takeaways from the first edition of Data Talks, a data-driven event in Leuven. Data Talks was a unique opportunity for like-minded people and companies to discuss the do’s and don’ts with each other’s data. Attendees also talked about the industry’s challenges and successes and got to know each other. Read the full recap here.

New CRM opportunities in HubSpot

In an interesting blogpost, the CRM experts of Elixir Solutions discuss the brand-new opportunities that come with the launch of CRM extensions by HubSpot. A few common uses were clear right away, but there are some more creative examples as well, as Elixir points out. Check out the full blog post.

Diversity in tech: what’s taking so long?

Diversity has been a hot topic for years. But as numbers seem to prove women are still a minority in a lot of industries, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Ali Colwell of Salesflare, the time-saving CRM software solution for B2B companies, wrote a blogpost about how we absolutely need more diversity in technology. Why is diversity such a struggle, how did it get this far and what can we do about it? Read the full article to learn more.

Raising public funding just got easier

Following some changes in the legislation, small and medium enterprises can now collect up to 5 million euros, using a public funding campaign. New rules have made it easier and cheaper for starting businesses to raise fudning. That’s obviously great news, but there are some important conditions you should know about. WinWinner, the platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors, took the time to write down the most important novelties. Read the full story.


Need rapid prototyping? Here’s where you should look

If you need to develop a prototype real fast, you might not know where to start. Thankfully, the engineering experts of Comate are here to help. They’ve put together a list of six suppliers that can help out startups with a 3D print in no time, offering quality and speed at an affordable price. Read the full article here.