Start it @kbSEA talks about the moolah!

Start it @kbc

Monday 10 July 2017

Start it @kbSEA talks about the moolah!

The first day of Start it @kbSEA will be all about handling money and managing finances. Investors from all around the globe (it's true) are stopping by to talk about investing, all the possibilities that tag along with it, and the most important tips and tricks for you to remember. Next to the speeches, you can also attend a couple of workshops to put that newfound knowledge into practice! At one of these workshops, for instance, 40 different startups will be selected to be put on a ship for 3 hours. During this short period of time, they will get the chance to try and convince the investors about their startup idea.

In the afternoon, you will all be invited to a press conference. There, the startups will be interviewed about what they’re working on, what their goals are, and so on. Sharing is caring, that's the idea.

We’re ending the day with an event (yes, walking dinner is included!) where specialists will keep on providing information about every aspect of investing: not only for the startups that are looking for an investor, but also for willing investors that are not informed to the fullest yet. Next to this comprehensive informative aspect, you’ll also get to meet a lot of famous investors that are telling all about their experiences during periods such as internships, and most importantly: how they ended up choosing the investors they’re working with now.

A last thing that might be interesting to mention, is who you’re going to meet today – and who’re the speakers you’ll be listening to. Well, today we’re inviting Frank Maene (Volta Ventures), PMV, KBC, WinWinner, Ban Vlaanderen, Innovatiecentrum and Bert van Wassenhove (Co-Foundry) to join us. Excited, yet?!

The Program

Time Place What?
9u – 19u Lounge AcSEAlerator
9u – 12u Ostend Queen Workshop finmix
13u – 14u Boat Press conference
14u – 17u Boat Sail with investors
19u – 22u Ostend Queen Bolero Crowdfunding Inspiration Session


Want to know more about this exciting day that’s all about getting that cash flowing? Make sure to contact us!