Start it @kbSEA makes sure there isn’t an I in team!

Start it @kbc

Monday 17 July 2017

Start it @kbSEA makes sure there isn’t an I in team!

The second day of Start it @kbSEA is all about that team. We’re focusing on the most common team issues – and want to prepare you for possible obstacles on that road ahead. This day is all about working complementary with and next to each other. You’ll learn how to give feedback in a positive and constructive manner, how to motivate your team, how to maintain a healthy balance between fun and business, how to reward your people, how to make (and maintain) good arrangements between founders, and so on. Long story short: the workshops you’ll be attending today, will be focusing more on the humane aspect of a startup and slightly less on the business side of it all.

After the workshops, you’ll get the chance to learn more about teambuilding and that from a couple of experienced CEO's. They’ll talk about all the issues they encountered on their professional journey, and their solutions to those problems. This way, you’re not only getting theoretic advice about teambuilding, but you’ll also be able to hear some real-life experiences. After this last session, we’ve organized an soccer match – to put that newfound knowledge considering working in a team into practice! Did you lose the game, anyway? No worries, because you can numb that pain with the delicious pizza's. It's on us!

Before going over to the program, you might want to know who’ll be attending this day, right? Well, we’re not giving away everything yet… But you will meet a lot of HR managers in the biz, as well as Bart Van Der Roost of former Start it @kbc start up Neoscores!


9u – 19u Lounge AcSEAlerator
7u – 8u Beach Run for your startup
10u – 12u Ostend Queen Workshop Founder’s dilemma
14u – 16u Ostend Queen Workshop team management
18u – 19u Ostend Queen CEO on the beach
20u – 22u Beach Soccer & Pizza

Want to know more about this exciting day that’s all about getting that team to work smoothly as fuck? Make sure to contact us!