Start it @kbSEA keeps calm and gives you some sales pointers

Start it @kbc

Monday 31 July 2017

Start it @kbSEA keeps calm and gives you some sales pointers

The last day of Start it @kbSEA is dedicated to the subject of sales, which is also a super important part of making a startup work. First, there is the ‘wake up call’ which is organized in cooperation with Jong Voka. At this breakfast session, 5 pre-selected startups get the opportunity to share an issue or an idea. This workshop is mostly great for getting in touch with people: chances are, that somebody will come up with the much coveted ‘I know someone who can help you!’ – which can get the business going in a matter of days! Sounds good, right?

Furthermore, we’re welcoming a couple of interesting speakers who are more than willing to share their own stories, experiences, and ambitions. Speakers are Bruno Desmet and Michael Hublet, but also Straffe Madammen Nathalie Sintobin and Elke Jeurissen will be making their appearances: two badass ladies who know a thing or two about how to make that sales pitch work!

After the last workshop, we invite all the startups and their partners to a slamming BBQ. And during that BBQ, the co-working will be turned into a huge dance floor: because starting from 9 pm, there will be happening the biggest startup party in Belgium… and we’re inviting the entire startup community! In short: Let’s eat, network, and party!

The Program

9u – 18u Lounge AcSEAlerator
8u – 10u Ostend Queen Wake up call
12u – 17u Ostend Queen Workshop your sales strategy
17u30 - 18u30 Ostend Queen Straffe Madam
18u30 Blue Buddha Beachbar BBQ time
21u Lounge Start it Celebrates

Want to know more about this exciting day that’s all about getting those sales pitches to work? Make sure to contact us!