Ride the wave at Start it @kbSEA 2.0!

Start it @kbc

Tuesday 27 June 2017

Ride the wave at Start it @kbSEA 2.0!

Did you hear the big news yet? No? Shame! But no need to worry: because we’re here to tell you all about it… First of all, you should mark the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of August in that calendar of yours, because those are the days we will be meeting up for the second edition of Start it @kbSEA in Ostend. This doesn’t only mean a lot of fish on our plates, sand between our toes and sun in our eyes, but so much more…

Basically, this three-day journey will provide you with a pop-up concept where everyone will get some pretty amazing opportunities considering co-working and learning – from each other as well as from some of the best mentors and speakers out there. 

This year, we’ve divided up our days in three main subjects, so you can choose yourself which day(s) will be most interesting for you. On Tuesday, we’re talking about money, on Wednesday, the term ‘team’ is fully dissected and we end on Thursday with everything you should know about sales. Want to know more? We’re more than happy to share everything we already know!