People don’t know: Traction

Startit Admin

Wednesday 12 December 2018

People don’t know: Traction

If you want to run a successful startup, traction is part of the action. Don’t have a clue what we’re talking about? Then read on!

In the early stages of your startup, the focus is mostly on the development of your product, right? Once you’ve got your product 100% on point, you can start thinking about expanding your business and reaching as many customers as possible. That step is what we call traction.

Traction is going from a few initial customers that you serve on a personal level, to a much bigger market where you serve hundreds or thousands of customers. Traction is the proof that there’s a significant market demand, which enables you to create a momentum and start acting on a bigger scale. In the best-case scenario, traction leads to the next phase of your business: the point where it’s profitable and able to maintain itself. Traction is the quantitative evidence of market demand.