How to achieve pitch perfection

Start it @kbc

Wednesday 4 October 2017

How to achieve pitch perfection

When it comes to pitching in front of a jury, a few simple tips can make all the difference. Here are some steps that can turn anyone into a pitch professional.

Pro-model by BodyTalk

Start it @KBC invites Pitch Perfect Pro Bart Muskala to give some spot-on tips on building the perfect pitch. His advice is based on the Pro-model and includes 5 steps:

  • Describe the problem
  • Make a big fat promise
  • Describe the process
  • Support with some proof
  • Make one simple proposal (clear call to action)

Tips and tricks

Obviously, the content of your pitch has to be absolutely spot-on. But what you say is not the only thing that matters. The way you say it, is equally important to convince a jury. So before facing them, take a look at these hands-on tips and tricks:

  • Dancing during pitching is not recommended, unless you’re very good at it. Try to keep your two feet on the ground. Don't pace up and down, it will annoy your co-founder, and you’ll trip over something.
  • Never lose the jury out of sight. Eye contact is very important. Watch out: don’t just focus on one person. He or she will feel like you either want to kiss or kill him.
  • Speak slowly, but don’t overdo it. When you reach the speaking speed of Philippe Geubels, it’s time to pick up the tempo.
  • Over-enthusiasm is weird, but no enthusiasm at all is even weirder. If you don't believe in your idea, why would a jury? And why would the market?

Need more info? 

Founding mother Katrien Dewijngaert and serial entrepreneur Elke Jeurissen explain the PRO-model in depth in a Pitch Perfect Academy session on Friday October 6, 2017 at 12:00. Click here to register for the webinar and follow via your pc or smartphone for free!

No spare time on Friday? You can find the entire slide deck here

So, break a leg (but not really) and good luck with the preparations. We’re looking forward to your pitch on October 10th!