Female Founder in the picture: Gita Van den Boer

Start it @kbc

Monday 10 April 2017

Female Founder in the picture: Gita Van den Boer


Start it @kbc & Straffe Madammen want to boost female entrepreneurship in the Belgian start-up scene. The aim is not only to increase the economic potential of the country, but also to bring about a fundamental change in attitudes in the business world. Time to put our Female Founders in the picture. Let's ask Gita, Founder of Chalo, a few questions...

Why did you become entrepreneur?

Becoming an entrepreneur was never a goal on itself, even though I have been an all-in kind of girl since forever. When I bumped into this passionate idea, it gave me a meaningful ambition. It felt like I had no choice but to pursue it. When I tried to imagine how I would feel when would look back on my life in a few years. What would be worse: to have jumped and fallen, or the regret of never having jumped at all?

What has surprised you the most during your career as an entrepreneur?

I knew very well what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it, so the challenge was to stick to what I believed in. I had to avoid people who didn’t understand it yet, or settle for anything less than the original idea. That’s why, in my opinion, finding a good team of co-founders and key suppliers is so important. Because even when you disagree, you can find solutions together.

Once you’ve surrounded yourself with an enthusiastic and strong team, anything and everything is possible. Together you become so much better, faster and stronger. You’re able to see more opportunities and you’re offered a wide range of cooperations based on their brand or product recognition. All of this, in less than 2 years!

What is your advice for someone who wants to start her/his own entrepreneurial career? 

Think, reconsider, set yourself a deadline, do your homework and go-go-go your own way without any concessions! Believe you can do anything. Life is what you make of it, so go out there and grab every opportunity. And just in case, think of a plan B (education or experience) to fall back on.

You can submit your business idea for the following Start it @kbc pitchwave until April 17th via www.startit.be.