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Five free tools for every startup!

Wednesday 22 February 2017

For every entrepreneur amongst us who’s putting his or her shoulders under the foundations of a startup, one universal rule applies: deliver your concept… but do it with a small budget. This is why we have selected five tools that might help you execute your idea, without spending heaps and heaps of money. Better, still: they’re [...]

Get inspired @ Demo Day!

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Something awesome is about to happen: Start it @kbc is very proud to announce its second Belgian Demo Day. Mentioned by many investors attending the first edition it being the best startup event of the year. So, you might as well check off March 30th in your calendar right now, because you definitely do not want to miss this!

Meet the nominee for ‘Young ICT lady of the year’

Friday 17 February 2017

As you might’ve heard already, Start it @kbc kicked off 2017 with some brand new action points. And one of those concerns the boosting of female (tech) entrepreneurship – something that isn’t very common (yet!). This is why we are extremely proud to announce that one of the nominees for Datanews’ ‘Young ICT lady of the year’ is… [...]

Start it @kbc introduces its 1st 2017 batch!

Tuesday 14 February 2017

We have the pleasure to tell you our newbies are absolutely awesome. Our jury carefully selected these 38 brand new startups out of 143 submitted proposals, and will coach each and every one of them towards growth and success.

Buying from startups… Valentine edition!

Monday 13 February 2017

So, you want to approach Valentine’s Day a bit different this year? Have you had enough of red roses, heart shaped chocolates and cheesy candle lit dinners? Or maybe you’re still into the classics, but you’d like to spruce it up a bit? Not a problem, because following startups are here to save the (Valentine’s) Day!