We embrace your start-up mentality through facilitation,
mentorship and creativity.
Join our academy and make your ideas happen.

Ideas are useless unless used

Theodoor Lewift

Catch the next wave

Got a great idea that needs accelerating to make it happen?
Check out how you can apply and get in touch!

Waves rolling in this year:
January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December.

Step 1

Tell us all about yourself, your team and your idea before 26 November.
We will then carefully look into your proposal and evaluate it.

We make sure that every candidate receives valuable feedback from our Jury of Experts.
No matter if you make the next round or not, you will still get something out of it, that’s for sure!

Step 2

We select and invite an exclusive group of candidates to our Famous Wave Day on 12 December. If among them, you will get the opportunity to meet the other nominees and our Jury.
Each nominee gets 5 minutes on stage to pitch his or her idea and to give the very best of himself.

On the same day, we announce the final selection of startups who will take part in Start it @kbc!

Step 3

We invite the final selection to the great Wave Kick Off in the following week. At it, they will meet all those startups who are already in the house, as well as the mentors, coaches and facilitators behind the scenes. We’ll invite a number of leading people in the startup community to provide even more inspiration and to make sure it will be a day to remember.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Véronique Leysen

Als start-up is het non-stop werken, consequent zijn in look & feel, snel beslissen en vooral… springen!


Tursun Zhamalov

Start it @kbc is een injectie van kennis en motivatie om door te zetten.


Geert Slachmuylders

Mijn grote droom is om iets te creëren dat impact heeft op de wereld.


Tjerk Homminga

Wij willen de Uber voor de professionele fietskoerierdiensten worden.


Olivier De Niel

Houd je oren en ogen open en kijk wat anderen doen!


Pascal Roobrouck

The #1 frustration for a #startup : you want to #act #today – the rest of the world will maybe think about it next month – @startitkbc


Bart Van der Roost

“De Startup Mentaliteit, dat is aan de waanzinnigheid grenzende koppigheid, in combinatie met passie en drive” zegt @Bart_VdR #startitbattle



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